Brutal recopilatorio que contiene todo tipo de música única y bizarra de la fabulosa decada de los sesentas. Psychedelic States: New York in the 60's, Vol. 2 continua con el mismo género que el volumen anterior, con música de la ciudad del Empire State. El primer volumen de la serie contenía una extensa colección de oscuras canciones de la época, pero éste segundo volumen es aún más grandioso, con 29 temazos, multitud de fotos, y varias interesantísimas historias contadas por las propias bandas. Una joya para cualquier fan del garage oscuro o la psicodélia de los sesentas.

Featuring all sorts of bizarre and unique music from the decade of bizarre and unique entertainment, Psychedelic States: New York in the 60's, Vol. 2 follows the genre as it affected the Empire State. Although the first volume in the series featured a large set of obscure music from the period, this one is even bigger, with 29 tracks, lots of photos, and several interesting stories told by the bands themselves. To any fan of obscure garage rock or psychedelia from the era, this is a prime collection to pick up.


1. When I Need You - The Chain Reaction
2. Pull The Wool - U.S. Stamps
3. The Subterranean Edible Fungus - The Weird Street Carnival
4. Up There - The Scoundrels
5. She - The Primates
6. All About Love - The Cavemen
7. Mean Willy - P.B. & The Staunchmen
8. Don't Call My Name - The Weads
9. Frustration - The Mystic Tide
10. Green Grass Makes It Better - Caeser & His Romans
11. Poor Boy, Happy Boy - The Thrashing Butterflies Of Divine Happiness
12. Wanted - The Innkeepers
13. Close That Door - The Tigermen
14. My Rights - The Acoustics
15. Once Upon A Taste - The Omen
16. The Morning After - The Brotherhood Of Soul
17. I Like You - The Shakespeare's
18. Mean Town - The Edge Of Darkness
19. Secondary Man - The Rogues
20. I'll Give You Love - The Hatchet Men
21. Trip With Me - Tides In
22. Careless Love - Humphrey & The Palookas
23. We'll Build Our Own Kind Of Love - The Great Lakes
24. Fool - The Sting-Rays Of Newburgh
25. On The Edge - Majic Ship
26. There's A Girl Down The Way - The Overtones
27. Strawberry Pie Lounge - Soundpeace
28. I Won't Be Home - The Ascendors
29. Crack In My Wall - The Yo Yo's

VARIOUS CD Psychedelic States: New York In The 60s Vol. 2

14,90 €Precio

Label: Gear Fab Records ‎– GF-190

Format: CD, Compilation

Country: US

Released: 2002


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