"This is the second set of Soundz from the mysterious Lost in Space label. No liner notes and no web presence had me wondering if maybe this was something like Sublime Frequencies (Alan Bishop) or Hanson Records (Aaron Dilloway) or maybe some super group of weirdos recording these tracks themselves. But a search of Yamini Krishnamurthy (famous dancer who I'm not sure if she sang her track or maybe this was just the song accompaniment) and Gudai Maharaj is not exactly some guy with a tabla under a Peepal tree. Anyways, KFJC loved the first set of Mystic Soundz to the very bottom of the groove, and this should work as well. A lot of percussion, often rounded, squeezed and warbled, but with precise counting, make me think the magic for this mystic set is math. Killer flute punctuation, and burbly Jew's harp from Ghilu (more on an unknown it seems). Just slippery sounds in a great way, most pieces stay on their mantra, so if you catch a few seconds, your in for the full vibe. Into the mystic again! If you dug the Lost in Space take on Africa, you’ll be happy for the trips here too."

Thurston Hunger


A1 Yamini Krishnamurti - Alarippu (Tamil Nadu, 1971)
A2 Gour Khepa - You Were Unable To Keep The Love Water (Bengal, 1978)
A3 Jaipur Folk Group - Dance Music (Rajasthan, 1975)
A4 Karna Ram Bhil - Narh Flute And Song (Rajasthan, 1975)
A5 Gudaj Maharaj - Tabla Solo (Uttar Pradesh, 1968)

B1 Unknown Artist - Indra Procession (Rajasthan, 1974)
B2 Ghilu - Male Song With Jew's Harp (Chattisgargh, 1979)
B3 Unknown Artist - Murali Solo With Vielle (Rajasthan, 1971)
B4 Gopi Krishna - Tarana (Bengal, 1968)

VARIOS LP Mystic Soundz From India (Lost Field Recordings, 1968-79)

19,90 €Precio

Label: Lost In Space Records ‎– LP-02

Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation

Country: France

Released: 2013


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