Cada volumen de la serie TEEN TRASH te presentan un grupo actual de garage, beat y rock and roll sixties desconocido por la mayoría del público.
El objetivo es mostrar a todo el mundo esos grupos garageros con un pie en los 60's y el otro en el 2000 y que sólo son conocidos en sus ciudades.
Así que aquí os presentamos oscuros y desconocidos grupos de Garage Sixties Revival from all over the world!
Portada dibujada por Rudi Protrudi de los Fuzztones, mostrando un dibujo del típico cine al aire libre americano en los dias gloriosos del rock and roll.

Teen Trash is a series full of independent newcomer-bands from all over the world with one foot in the 60's and the other in the year 2000!!
A tribute to a cult that refuses to die, the aim is to support all those local new acts, so they are able to present their music to a much wider audience, than just the area where they come from.
Unheard treasures of Garage Sixties Revival from all over the world!
Each volume is full dedicated to one group
Cover artwork made by Rudi Protrudi of The Fuzztones, showing you a typical drive-in movie theater in the usa out of the best days of rock 'n' roll.


1 Swear To God 3:39

2 So Strange 3:19

3 Can't Go Back 3:03

4 Time 6:14

5 Welcome Death 3:58

6 Flesh Meets The Knife 3:03

7 Endless Days 4:31

8 I Gotta Move 2:59

9 What Is This 3:13

10 As They Do 4:01

11 Addicted To The Thought 5:08

12 Too Little Too Late 3:49

13 Stoned 4:27

14 D-Train 2:48

15 Screams 3:28

16 Do What You Want 2:05

17 Now I Know 3:16

18 Life In The Real World 2:25

19 The Box 4:03

20 I'm Down 3:38


11,90 €Precio

Label: Music Maniac Records ‎– MMCD 88002

Format: CD, Album

Country: Germany

Released: 1993


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