The deviants; encabezados por el legendario personaje de la contra cultura Mike farren; fueron la respuesta británica a grupos estadounidenses como Stooges y MC5. En 1968; un año después de su álbum debut ´ptoof´; ´Disposable´ con su música caótica es el vehículo de la banda para un asalto total a la cultura.



The 2nd album recorded by Mick Farren and band (originally released in 1968)." The record that brought forth the legend, "if you can't trip on garbage, then you can't trip on nothing!" ". "The Deviants, headed and fronted by legendary counter-culture figure Mike Farren, were the British answer to American groups like Stooges and MC5. Coming out in 1968 a year after their debut album “Ptoof”, “Disposable” with its chaotic music is the band’s vehicle for a Total Assault On The Culture. The album includes “Pappa-Oo-Mao-Mao”, The Deviant’s indisputable Manifesto!"


A1 "Somewhere To Go" (7:23)
A2 "Sparrows & Wires" (0:52)
A3 "Jamie’s Song" (3:35)
A4 "You’ve Got To Hold On" (3:55)
A5 "Fire In The City" (3:00)
A6 "Let’s Loot The Supermarket" (2:29)


B1 "Pappa Oo Mao Mao" (2:35)
B2 "Slum Lord" (2:20)
B3 "Blind Joe McTurk’s Last Session" (1:20)
B4 "Normality Jam" (4:21)
B5 "Guaranteed To Bleed" (3:45)
B6 "Sidney B Goode" (0:59)
B7 "Last Man" (5:46)


24,90 € Precio
19,90 €Precio de oferta

Label: Tiger Bay ‎– TB6195

Format: Vinyl, LP, Stereo, Album, Reissue, 180g

Country: Europe

Released: 2018


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