'50s and '60s-inspired instrumentals, albeit done with late-'90s flair and flourish. According to their original label, "delving into the backgrounds and personal lives of the intensely private Maeschi and Diblitz was difficult, and to be honest, their lifestyles make them sound like international jet-setters." The bio goes on to say that "Karen Diblitz works for the European Formula One racing tour and travels the world while Ernest Maeschi seems to be unemployed but is able to purchase expensive musical instruments for his recording studio and travel the world at whim."


Regardless of whether any of this is rooted in fact or not, this duo -- hailing from Zurich, Switzerland -- is obviously talented, and skilled at lovingly (re)creating music that, at one time, might have found its way onto the soundtracks for a wide variety of mod '60s films, grindcore and exotic Italian exploitation flicks (like Jess Franco's Vampyros Lesbos: Sexadelic Dance Party soundtrack), espionage capers, or whimsical inner-movie travelogues of one kind of another.


The 14 instrumentals vary from harder surf-alicious themes, sci-fi and space themes, mod go-go themes, and James Bond/spy themes, all the way down the proverbial ladder to the "softer" side, including exotica, lounge themes, and boogie-licious acid jazz (the original '70s acid jazz, not the stuff from the '90s). Here and there, amid the swelling organ riffs and twangy electric guitar effluvia, are signs that these two are making exactly the kind of music they want.


A1 Triple Threat    
A2 Something For Johnny (For Johnny Herbert)    
A3 The Wobbler    
A4 Formulator    
A5 Theme From Stella Interstellar    
A6 Girl From Acapulco    
A7 Robot A Go Go  

B1 Der Ermittler    
B2 Dragon City    
B3 Project QX 5    
B4 The Freddie Pt. 1    
B5 Mummy Walk    
B6 Love Godess    
B7 Budapest Incident


24,90 € Precio
19,90 €Precio de oferta

Label: PMG ‎– PMG056LP

Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue 

Country: Austria

Released: 25 Jan 2017


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