Edición Limitada Coleccionista

Recopilatorio de rarezas grabadas antes del Boom de "Nevermind".


A1 Dive

A2 Lithium

A3 Imodium

A4 Sliver

A5 Been

A Son

A6 Polly


B1 In Bloom

B2 Stain

B3 Pay To Play

B4 Sappy

B5 Here She Comes Now

Limited Edition Collector's Edition
A Collection Of Pre "Nevermind" Recordings.

NIRVANA LP Sheep (Pre-Nevermind Recordings)

21,90 €Precio

Tracks A1, A2, A3, A6, B1, B3, B4, B5: 
Studio A, Smart Studios, Madison, WI, USA. April 2-6, 1990. 
Produced by Butch Vig. 

Track A4: 
Reciprocal Recording, Seattle, WA, USA. July 11 and July 24, 1990. 
Produced by Jack Endino. 

Tracks A5, B2: 
The Music Source, Seattle, WA, USA. September, 1989. 
Produced by Steve Fisk.


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