Edición Limitada
Megarara reedición en doble vinilo,
Incluye hoja interior con info y fotos.

A1 Intro

A2 School

A3 Drain You

A4 Aneurysm

A5 Smells Like Teen Spirit

A6 Been A Son


B1 Lithium

B2 Sliver

B3 Spank Thru

B4 Scentless Apprentice

B5 Heath-shaped Box


C1 Mike It

C2 Negative Creep

C3 Polly

C4 Breed

C5 Tourette's

C6 Blew


D1 Excerpts Of Band / Audience Bulls*!##ing & Rantings Available

NIRVANA 2xLP From The Muddy Banks Of The Wishkah

24,90 €Precio

Megarare Repress double album
Includes insert with info and photos.


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