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Studio Shit Load And Stuff... el grupo de rock más grande de este planeta ensayando material nuevo y nunca antes publicado. Las magníficas grabaciones de estudio de las sesiones de LOAD le brindan una mirada íntima a su banda favorita de todos los tiempos. Para acceder rápidamente a su pérdida de tiempo preferida, únase a la estupidez nombrando las pistas usted mismo.


Rarísimo Cd original de los años 90s completamente descatalogado


Studio Shit Load And Stuff...the biggest rock group on this planet rehearsing brandnew and never before released material. Superb studio-recordings from the LOAD sessions give you an intimate look at your all-time-favourite-band. To quickly access your prefered waste of time, join the stupidity by naming the tracks yourself.


    Megarare Out Of Print 90s original silver cd!


    1 Breadfan / Motorbreath / Ride The Lightning / No Remorse 12:44
    2 Nothing Else Matters 3:05
    3 AC/DC & Led Zep Re-Revisited 0:28
    4 Back In Black / Led Zeppelin / Deep Purple / Youthanasia / Tygers Of Pan Tang 3:50
    5 Jaymz & Jason 1:10
    6 Discussing About Supporting Bands 2:17
    7 Talking About The Roses 0:20
    8 The Cover Album Like Alice In Chains 0:21
    9 Mickey Metal 0:59
    10 Mouldy: She Sells Sanctuary / Fire Woman / Crap / More Crap / Black Night 6:04
    11 Devil's Dance / The Satanic Medley / Tribute To Mercyful Fate 10:10
    12 Bob Rock Speach 0:34
    13 Hey Jude... And Pieces Of Hero Of The Day / Until It Sleeps + Oasis (Wonderwall) 6:18
    14 Jaymz & Kirk 0:31
    15 Metalliprimus 3:26
    16 Jaymz 4:02
    17 Just Laughing (Unless Bob Rock) 4:07
    18 Devil Dance <Early Version> 0:37

    METALLICA CD Studioshit Load And Stuff

    19,90 € Precio
    14,90 €Precio de oferta
    • Label: SHIT1996

      Format: CD, Limited Edition, Stereo

      Country: Italy

      Released: 1996

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