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Chet Baker had a long and complicated relationship with Italy. It was a country where he was both imprisoned and adored. His first visit there took place in 1955, during his first successful European tour. His first preserved recordings in Italy date back to a concert at Conservatorio Cherubini, in Firenze (Florence), on January 24, 1956. Baker made his way back to New York in mid-1956 and wouldn't return to Italy until the 1959 trip that yielded the recordings included here.


A1 Lady Bird
A2 Cheryl
A3 Tune Up
A4 Line For Lyons

B1 Pent-Up House
B2 Look For The Silver Lining
B3 Indian Summer
B4 My Old Flame
B5 My Funny Valentine (bonus track)

CHET BAKER LP Sextet & Quartet (180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl)