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Released as a 4-panel Digipack, each volume of the new collection includes 3 CDs (nearly 4 hours of listening) and is accompanied by a 40-page booklet containing biographies and notes in French and English, with original photos and illustrations. Each artist s contribution has been enriched by a fresh selection of essential tracks covering a period that goes well beyond the previous edition of the series. The first 12 volumes of this prestigious 30-volume collection were released in April 2014.


CD 1

1 Mingus fingus 
2 Swedish pastry 
3 September song 
4 I get a kick out of you 
5 Godchild 
6 Untitled blues 
7 Zootcase 
8 Old devil moon 
9 Time after time 
10 Gregorian chant 
11 Stormy weather 
12 The spur of the moment / Echonitus 
13 Blues too much 
14 The boy next door 
15 Cherokee 
16 Nature boy 
17 Pithecanthropus erectus 
18 Laura 


CD 2
1 The clown 
2 Blue cee 
3 Tonight at noon 
4 I can't get started 
5 Back home blues 
6 Flamingo 
7 Tijuana gift shop 
8 Memories of you 
9 Conversation 
10 E's flat, ah's flat too 
11 My jelly roll soul 
12 Wednesday night prayer meeting 


CD 3
1 Better git hit in your soul 
2 Fables of Faubus 
3 Goodbye pork pie hat 
4 Gunslinging bird 
5 Far wells, mill valley 
6 New know, know how 
7 Half-mast inhibition 
8 Bemoanable lady 
9 Prayer for passive resistance 
10 Do nothin' till you hear from me 
11 Reincarnation of a love bird 
12 Passions of a man 
13 Wham bam thank you ma'am 
14 Wig wise

CHARLES MINGUS 3XCD Mingus Fingus (Jazz Characters New Series)

  • Label: Le Chant Du Monde - 274 2461 63

    Format: 3xCD, Remastered, DIgipack

    Country: Europe

    Released: 2014

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