Edición Limitada de 300 copias numeradas presentadas en caja deluxe alargada.

Estos 6 cds contienen las sesiones de grabación del disco “Rubber Soul”

Contiene 184 canciones, muchas de las cuales son tomas que aparecen en ésta caja por primera vez y desde fuentes de sonido que nunca se habían publicado anteriormente.



Limited Edition of 300 numbered copies. Longbox Format

This work contains the recording session of “Rubber Soul”

Ultimate set including many first appearance sound sources that have never been recorded anywhere.


The Beatles, which was already locally famous in local Liverpool before his debut, swept the UK and Europe in 1963 since his debut in 1962. As soon as 1964 opened, he recorded the number one in the US with “I want to hug” In a short period of time it quickly became a global star. Meanwhile, I was busy with a lot of TV and radio appearances as a promotion as well as live performances in parallel. In the first rice in February 1964, only two performances of the live and Ed Sullivan show appeared to fuel the hunger of the fans, full of summer tours in the US. In the meantime, I also have movie shoots, and I wonder where the album had time to produce.

The Beatles ‘album also reflected the Oldies’ influence at first. Perhaps if the Beatles had broken up in “For Sale”, it would have been recognized as a posterity Oldies band. After “Help”, artistic gradually became more highly evaluated than idle and it reaches the present. In the early days, John ‘s talent bloomed quickly, and in’ Hard Days Night ‘John’ s charm was full of John ‘ And later that Paul began to bloom her talent later than “Help”. Not to mention “Sargent Peppers” and “Abbey Road”, Paul was the musical initiative in the late Beatles. John and Paul antagonized for the first time in “rubber soul” in that transition period, and in “revolver” it is an album in which John and Paul were completely reversed. It can be said that the flowering time of talent has revealed that the Beatles has long reigned as a top runner throughout the 1960s, that John changed from early to middle and Paul slightly shifted from middle to late, leading to the evaluation of future generations.

In this way, the sixth Beatles album “Rubber Soul” is said to be a masterpiece of the era when John and Paul talented each other. Release was December 1965. After the second American tour, it was an album that was made in just over a month to make it in time for the Christmas shopping season. However, such a briskness is an album that does not felt dust and gives a very calm and moist impression. More noteworthy is that this album is not an old rock and roll. It seems that beautiful songs are lined up enough to inform you that the Beatles are not just a rock band and that Brian Wilson is also shocked by listening to this album, a very highly artistic completion It boasts degrees. This work contains the recording session of “Rubber Soul”.

BEATLES BOX SET 6xCD Plastic Soul The Rubber Soul Recording Sessions (Longbox)

€120.00 Precio
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Label: Graphophone ‎– GR-1965

Format: 6 × CD, Compilation, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition

Country: Europe

Released: 2018


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