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Pools Of Blue - BBC Sessions And Rare Early Tracks (1968-1972)


Un excelente álbum doble, limitado a 500 copias, que contiene dos horas de grabaciones raras o inéditas (principalmente sesiones de radio para la BBC, incluidas brillantes composiciones post-psicodélicas anteriores al primer álbum) realizadas en los años 1968-1972 por este excelente grupo británico de rock progresivo. 

Este es un álbum que debería deleitar a los fans que tienen todos los primeros álbumes, pero también a aquellos que recién están comenzando su aventura con BJH. 

Excelente calidad de sonido! 



An excellent, limited to 500 copies, double album containing two hours of rare or unpublished recordings (mainly radio sessions for the BBC - including brilliant, post-psychedelic compositions from before the first album) made in the years 1968-1972 by this excellent, progressive British group. This is an album that should delight fans who have all the early albums, but also those who are just starting their adventure with BJH. 

Excellent sound quality!


Tracks A1 and A4-A7 recorded for BBC Top Gear on 30th July 1968
Tracks A2-A3 recorded for BBC Top Gear on 23rd April 1968
Tracks C3-C4 and D1-D3 recorded for BBC Sounds Of The Seventies on 29th June 1971
Track D5 recorded for BBC Sounds Of The Seventies on 15th March 1972

A1 Night 3:14
A2 So Tomorrow 3:27
A3 Eden Unobtainable 3:07
A4 Pools Of Blue 3:25
A5 Need You Oh So Bad 1:13
A6 Small Time Town 2:10
A7 Dark Now My Sky 3:39
A8 I Can't Go On Without You (Chapel Studios acetate) 2:14
A9 Up With The Sun (acetate, early 1968) 3:38
A10 Senses (acetate, early 1968) 2:34

B1 Pools Of Blue (Abbey Road version, 1970) 4:48
B2 Mocking Bird (unreleased early studio version, May 1970) 6:17
B3 Happy Old World (take 1, 1979) 4:39
B4 Too Much On Your Plate (studio outtake, 1970) 5:26
B5 Song For Dying (full, unedited LP version) 7:18

C1 Mocking Bird (extended non-orchestral studio version) 8:03
C2 Brave New World (unreleased demo, 1971) 3:56
C3 She Said 8:42
C4 Medicine Man 7:48

D1 Ursula (The Swansea Song) 2:48
D2 Someone There You Know 3:42
D3 Galadriel 3:00
D4 Dark Now My Sky (live, March 1971) 9:29
D5 Child Of Man 3:28
D6 Moonwater (demo, March 1972) 6:54

BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST 2XLP Pools Of Blue BBC Sessions And Rare Early Tracks

€34.90 Precio
€29.90Precio de oferta
  • Label: Verne Records - VER106
    Format: 2 x Vinyl, Compilation, Remastered, Limited Edition
    Country: Europe
    Released: 2022

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