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Recopilatorio de 60's punk, r&b y psicodelia de grupos europeos. Imposible conseguir los singles en vinilo de éstos grupos! Pensad que se pusieron a la venta hace 30 años y en tiradas muy limitadas ya que eran grupos desconocidos y sólo los vendían en su propia ciudad!
La mayoría de las bandas que aparecen en éste recopilatorio eran unas adelantadas a su época y ya tenían una actitud punky, mucho antes de finales de los años 70. Y encima en la mayoría de los grupos la edad rondaba los 15 años! Juventud divino tesoro!!!

Original 60's punk/ballads/r+b and psychedelia by European bands. Impossible to obtain the original 45's. Long out of print, and more than 30 years ago released in a very limited quantity and only locally distributed. Most bands were ahead of their time, invented punk way before its discovery in the late 70's. One of the main reasons why I love this music so much is because all the musician were around the age of 15 and sometimes even younger.


1. So long, sad sack - Dayaks

2. Trying to make you see - Moondogs, The

3. So down - Mad Comics

4. I'm free - Paul & Johnny / Blue Jets

5. Now I know - Scarlets, The

6. What's the use - Leather Souls, The

7. I'm still mad at you - Soul Agents, The

8. Long tall Sally - Rythm Checkers, The

9. Pieces fit - Pieces, Fit, The

10. I Like It - Paul & Johnny / Blue Jets

11. It's hard to say - Robots, The

12. Everytime - Rythms, The

13. our love is gone - Party Brothers, The

14. Listen to the blues - Phase Iv

15. Big sensation - Cool Stove

16. I can only give you everything - Scott, Thommy

VARIOUS CD Diggin' For Gold Volume 3

  • Label: Way Back Records ‎– MMCD 66073

    Format: CD, Compilation

    Country: Germany

    Released: Aug 1998

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