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The Best of (1999-2020).

For the first time on vinyl a retrospective of 16 tracks from one of the best Power Pop bands in the world!. Limited edition of 250 copies.
Vinyl coloured (turquoise blue)


VINYL-ONLY RELEASE!!  “When Tim Boykin formed the Lolas in 1998, the Birmingham, AL based singer songwriter and guitarist knew exactly what direction he wanted the band to travel in.  Although the band has encountered a run of personnel changes over the years, Tim has retained the role of ringleader and remained remarkably true to his initial vision.  While the term power pop has been applied to a bevy of bands these face past few decades, the Lolas serve as a surefire representation of the genre.  Tightly-conceived tunes, bursting with arresting arrangements carved of punchy hooks and high energy harmonies line the band’s repertoire.  Electrifying guitars that jangle and crunch aided by a coordinated rhythm section that really locks it all together factor into their chosen style of music.  Since their inception they have released several studio albums as well as singles EP's and offerings on compilation sets.  Such recordings have duly earned the band worldwide praise.  Considering the wealth of great songs they a produce it must have been quite a challenge picking what goodies to include on this eagerly-awaited sonic summary.  But the mission was eventually accomplished narrowing down to 16 tracks culled from the band’s albums.  Among the gold nuggets gracing “All The Potion In The World” are “Ballerina Breakout”, me to break out “DJ Girl”, “Silver Dollar Sunday”, “Blue Shadows”, “Me and Barbara Stanwyck”, “Bon Voyage” and “When The Cold Winds Blow” which will not only satisfy long time fans, but also succeed initially pleasing the ears of newcomers. The Lolas thoroughly love the music they play, and their relentless enthusiasm encourages the audience to participate in the fun.  That said, crank the record to maximum effects and sing happily along with these melodious marvels.  The Lolas are a universal treasure and “All The Poison In The World” consistently affirms how valuable their contributions to the music community are!” – Beverly Paterson  GREAT!!


A1 Ballerina Breakout    
A2 In My Car    
A3 Silver Dollar Sunday    
A4 The Only People In The World    
A5 Who Am I Talking To    
A6 Little Deedra    
A7 Something You Oughta Know    
A8 We're Going Down To The Boathouse    

B1 Blue Shadows    
B2 Doctor Apache    
B3 Me And Barbara Stanwyck    
B4 DJ Girl    
B5 Bon Voyage    
B6 Deestroy    
B7 When The Cold Winds Blow    
B8 Wrecking Yard

LOLAS LP All the Potion in the World (Turquoise Coloured Vinyl) 250 copies

19,90 €Price
  • Label: You Are The Cosmos ‎– YATC84

    Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation

    Country: Spain

    Released: 30 Mar 2021

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