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Quizás por su proximidad a todos esos cactus psicodélicos, Arizona es un nido de grupos de rock ácido y Kennélmus probablemente sea el más salvaje de todos. Mezcla a los Chantays con los Electric Prunes y Captain Beefheart y obtendrás algo parecido al sonido psicodélico de Kennélmus.

Maybe it's their proximity to all that funny-tasting cactus, but Arizona has produced more than its share of mindbending rock combos and Kennélmus might just be the wildest of the bunch. The Chantays sand-wrestling with the Electric Prunes, refereed by Captain Beefheart almost does justice to the mind-bending sound of Kennélmus.


1 I Don't Know 2:27

2 Patti's Dream 4:31

3 Dancing Doris 3:34

4 Goodbye Pamela Ann 3:39

5 Monologue 0:52

6 Black Sunshine 2:50

7 Think For Yourself 2:49

8 The Bug, The Goat & The Hearse 0:42

9 Shapes Of Sleep 2:43

10 Clouds Of Lead 0:37

11 Mother Of My Children 2:44

12 1001 Twice 1:05

13 Sylvan Shores 2:51

14 Bulletin!! 0:30

15 The Raven 5:23

KENNELMUS CD Folkstone Prism (1971)

  • Label: Sundazed Music ‎– SC 6129

    Format: CD

    Country: US

    Released: 1999

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