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The mastermind behind this album can be seen as a luminary in the field of movie soundtracks especially for the 60s and 70s while his career lasted until the early 90s up to his untimely death. "Panic Button" is the third album of its kind from his hands composed for an Italian low budget comedy film released in 1964 and originals in good condition may fetch up to 200,00 Euros today. The most interesting fact about the movie is the participation of cult actress Jayne Mansfield who also was part of the inner circle of Mr. Anton Lavey in the 60s.


The music on the other side is a colorful trip through different styles from Italian traditional music to lush orchestral baroque music with most of the tunes being laid down by a well - rehearsed big band. The background of this album is obviously big band swing. From here Garvarentz explores the more light footed corners of this genre and the result is a breathtaking joy. The melodies bring images of crowded market places and nifty street restaurants in Italian cities to your mind. The performances have the right amount of steam and passion to drag you from your seat, dance and sing along these sunny harmonies. And the pieces themselves are perfectly placed with high energetic moments and gentle parts following each other to sustain the attention of the listener and underline the different scenes of the movie in an ideal way. If you love the old movie scores from the early 60s with this abundant big band orchestration and a hip shaking groove to the tunes with the exception of a few parts that set you into a hushed mood you will really enjoy this beautiful piece of music. It is all about fun and felicity and a deeper feeling to accompanies the compositions. A masterpiece!


A1 Opening (Generique) 1:40
A2 Flight To Rome 1:44
A3 Venezia (Venice)     2:33
A4 Traffic In Rome 2:13
A5 Un Clochard Ma'Dit 1:52
A6 Mediterranean Samba 2:26
A7 The Chase 1:36

B1 Chase In Venice 5:03
B2 Love Is Wonderful 2:21
B3 Panic Button 3:57
B4 Venezia (Night Club) 2:47
B5 On The Balcony 2:16
B6 Finale 1:04

GEORGES GARVARENTZ LP Panic Button Original Film Soundtrack

€24.90 Regular Price
€19.90Sale Price
  • Label: Skokiaan – SKOK003-LP

    Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue

    Country: Europe

    Released: Jun 25, 2016

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