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Frank y sus Inquietos is a little-commented Venezuelan treasure in our time, an amazing, almost unknown jewel of Venezuelan hard salsa, treasured with zeal by music lovers of all times. This group is evidence of the musical communion of the young Caracas of the late sixties with the sounds of the Caribbean in their nascent marriage with urban aggressiveness. As a result of these meetings of “friends who played instruments” such as congas, bongos, piano, timbales and their fiery discharges on the top floor of Block 3 of La Silsa, a building located in this humble and highly populated Caracas popular area, the repertoire of songs by the homonym Frank y sus Inquietos (1969), with an exquisite imagination and brimming with vitality, authentic vocals and choirs, overwhelming percussion, strong bass and fierce piano conducted by Frank González.

Phidias Danilo Escalona, ​​godfather of salsa, on whose radio program “La hora de la salsa” Frank and his Inquietos passed as guests once said that “when things are done with immense affection and carry the message that Latin music contains in themselves, they tend to be done well ”, without a doubt, that Frank album more than fulfilled it. Thanks to his time on the radio in the Escalona program, Frank y sus Inquietos were also invited by Gilberto Correa to his television program “Ritmo y Juventud” where they begin to play every Sunday. The impact of Frank and his Restless was so positive that they become regular guests at various celebrations throughout the city. Later, Frank would decide to continue in another musical project, this time familiar, while the album with the Inquietos would never be reissued, until now.

What we can describe as a masterpiece of the “aggressive guaguancó”, is a monument that today is practically immaculate as a virgin beach, that cries out for its rediscovery and that is built with each listening, overwhelming rhythm, arrangements of overwhelming creativity, with distinctive, raw and direct sound and voices extracted from life itself, from taking the pulse of the struggle for life in the concrete jungle. 


A1 La Ley De La Vida
A2 Mi Primer Amor
A3 Rumba De Salón
A4 Mira Hacia El Presente
A5 Resígnate
A6 La Descarga De Frank

B1 Tengo Felicidad
B2 El Boricua
B3 Rumba Pa' El Solar
B4 Que Seas Así
B5 Tu Orgullo
B6 Mensaje De Paz


  • Label: El Palmas Music – ELPALMASLP15, Fonograma – FLP 875

    Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Stereo

    Country:  Spain

    Released: Oct 29, 2021

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