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Nuevo álbum de esta banda de hard- rock psicodélico, esta vez influenciados por grupos como Goblin y sus bandas sonoras para Dario Argento, Can, Faust...Con pasajes atmósfericos y misteriosos y temas de puro hard- rock con influencia Hendrix.

The return of this Barcelonan power trio Cuzo is like travelling back in time, a seventies orgy where the band infects us with their passion for different musical references a lot more diverse than you would believe at first sight. A superficial description of their music would reduce it to psychedelic hard rock, but that wouldn't be enough 'cos all the members of Cuzo have eaten mushrooms found in the most unsuspected orchards.


A1 El Exorcista Turco

A2 Alquimia Para Principiantes

A3 Erotíssimo

A4 Mundo Subatómico


B1 Mi Otro Yo

B2 Juegos Reunidos

B3 Bomba De Relojería

B4 Mil Homesç

CUZO LP Alquimia Para Principiantes

  • Label: B-Core Disc ‎– BC.216/LP

    Format: Vinyl, LP

    Country: Spain

    Released: 2012

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