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Top class 1973 Spanish library album featuring sounds originally used for the Spanish TV Sports Special "Fórmula 1". Beltrán Moner creates electronic athmospheres strongly reminiscent of those on Peter Thomas’ "Chariots of the Gods". This is a must for fans of the electronic music, to be filed among the masters of the genre like Pierre Henry or Cecil Leuter. Anyone with a sampler and the right dose of good taste is also advised not to miss one of the 1.000 only copies of this jewel!


A1    Sportsmen    1:10
A2    Formula 1 (Hombres Y Bolidos)    0:34
A3    Opening Party (Fiesta Campera E Historia)    4:24
A4    The Men (Los Hombres)    1:51
A5    Arrival To The Circuit (Llegada Al Circuito)    2:16
A6    Aces Of The Wheel (Los Ases)    0:29
A7    Training Session (Entrenamiento)    1:17
A8    Mechanical Machines (La Mecanica)    3:19

B1    Dawn (Amanecer)    3:08
B2    The Pilots Preparation (Preparacion Pilotos)    3:41
B3    Training Round (Vuelta De Reconocimiento)    0:52
B4    Count Down (Dos Minutos, Un Minuto...)    0:49
B5    Racetrack Trouble (Dificultades En La Pista)    1:16
B6    Finishing Line (Carrera Y Llegada A Meta)    3:09
B7    Samba For The Champion (El Vencedor - Samba)    1:58
B8    Finale (Final)    0:57


€21.90 Regular Price
€17.90Sale Price
  • Label: Wah Wah Records ‎– WLP004

    Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue

    Country: Spain

    Released: 2001

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