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Caja Deluxe en Edición Limitada Numerada de 500 copias.

Una colección de canciones de los Beatles remezcladas, reelaboradas, reimaginadas y reinventadas. Al igual que los Martin hicieron para el disco "Love", estas pistas fueron creadas a partir de las grabaciones originales de los Beatles por miembros de The Beatles Remixers Group.

Este recopilatorio viene en una espectacular caja que contiene SIETE CDs remezclados más DOS DVDs.

El primer DVD se titula "Together For Love 2007" y presenta todas las imágenes de la televisión que rodearon el lanzamiento del espectáculo Love, incluida la función en el programa de Larry King Live, entrevistas con Paul, Ringo, Yoko y Olivia, ensayos para el programa, un kit de prensa electrónico. y algunos otros especiales de televisión basados ​​en Love de todo el mundo.

El segundo DVD se titula "The Beatles Explosion" y es un documental que relata el ascenso de la banda a la fama 

Contiene un folleto a color de 20 páginas.

El álbum "Love" que pudo haber sido



Limited Edition of 500 numbered copies

A collection of remixed, reworked, re-imagined and re-invented Beatle songs.
Much like the Martins did for the "Love" show, these tracks were all created from the original Beatles recordings by members of the Beatles Remixers Group.

This set comes in a nicely produced box containing SEVEN remixed cds plus TWO dvds.


The first dvd is entitled "Together For Love 2007" and features all the newsreel footage surrounding the launch of the Love show including the Larry King Live feature, interviews with Paul, Ringo, Yoko and Olivia, rehearsals for the show, An Electronic Press Kit and some other Love-based TV specials from around the world.
The second dvd is entitled "The Beatles Explosion" and is a documentary chronicling the band's rise to fame (eg, old clips).
It comes with a 20-page colour booklet

The "Love" album that could have been


1-1 It Won’t Be Long (Yeah)
1-2 Love Me Do
1-3 Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand
1-4 P.S. I Love You
1-5 She Loves You
1-6 I’ll Get You
1-7 I Wanna Hold Your Mix
1-8 Bell Trance
1-9 Things We Said Today
1-10 Leave My Kitten Alone
1-11 Rock And Roll Music
1-12 You’re Gonna Lose That Girl
1-13 I’m Looking Through You
1-14 Wait
1-15 If I Needed Someone
1-16 Rain
1-17 Hey Bulldog
1-18 Best Of Ringo (Drum Mix)
1-19 RainiaR
1-20 Beatle Trance (Rain Mix)
1-21 Tomorrow Never Knows
1-22 Magical Mystery Tour
1-23 I Am The Walrus
1-24 Penny Lane
1-25 Misses Much
1-26 I Will
1-27 Old Brown Shoe
1-28 I Am The Walrus
1-29 Evolution Take 5
1-30 I Me Mine
1-31 Tunef To A Natural E
1-32 All My Loving
1-33 Hello Goodbye

2-1 I Saw Her Standing There
2-2 Money
2-3 Hold Me Tight
2-4 Long Tall Sally
2-5 I Should Have Known Better
2-6 Kansas City
2-7 Dr. Robert
2-8 And Your Bird Can Sing
2-9 I Want To Tell You
2-10 I’m Only Sleeping
2-11 Yellow Submarine
2-12 Only A Northern Song
2-13 Strawberry Fields Suite
2-14 Hey Strawberry Bulldog
2-15 Noticed I Was Late
2-16 Your Mother Should Know
2-17 It’s Alright
2-18 Blackbird’s Son
2-19 Dear Prudence
2-20 Lady Madonna
2-21 Revolucination
2-22 Instant Karma
2-23 Smile Away (Horn Mix)

3-1 Fine Madonna
3-2 Ain’t She Standing There
3-3 Mr. Moonlight
3-4 I’m Down
3-5 Slow Down
3-6 You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away
3-7 We Can Work It Out
3-8 12-Bar Un-Original
3-9 I’ve Just Seen A Face
3-10 Paperbaa
3-11 Love You To
3-12 I’m Only Sleeping
3-13 Here, There And Everywhere
3-14 Submarine Party
3-15 For No One
3-16 The Void Never Knows
3-17 Across The Universe
3-18 When I’m Sixty-Four
3-19 Happiness Is A Warm Gun
3-20 Something
3-21 Pity Jude
3-22 The End (Megamix)

4-1 From Me To You
4-2 I Long To Hold Tall Tally
4-3 I’m A Loser
4-4 I’m Looking Through You
4-5 A Fly On The Wall ’65
4-6 Crazy Girl
4-7 Tomorrow Never Knoise
4-8 Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
4-9 With A Little Help From My Friends
4-10 Mr. Kite
4-11 A Day In The LIfe
4-12 Flying Time Is Here Again
4-13 Blue Jay Way
4-14 More Love
4-15 Aerial Tour Instrumental
4-16 Lady Bulldog
4-17 Hey Sun King
4-18 Revolution
4-19 Get George Back
4-20 A Case Of The Blues
4-21 Real Love
4-22 Pepperland Time
4-23 Me And My Montage

5-1 Tuned To A Natural E Reprise
5-2 Bad To Me
5-3 Money
5-4 Day Tripper
5-5 The Night Before
5-6 That Bulldog Better Leave My Kitten Alone
5-7 Think For Yourself
5-8 Tax My Car
5-9 Got To Get You Into My Life
5-10 She’s Leaving Yesterday
5-11 Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
5-12 With A Little Help From My Friends
5-13 Strawberry Fields Forever
5-14 Strawburied Fields Fornever
5-15 I Am The Walrus
5-16 Goodnight Naked
5-17 Here Comes The Sun
5-18 I Me Mine
5-19 Maybe I’m Amazed
5-20 I Don’t Wanna Do It
5-21 Real Love
5-22 Only Pepper Weeps
5-23 At The Mercy
5-24 Barber Of Seville

6-1 Intro
6-2 I Want To Hold Jimmy’s Hand
6-3 This Boy
6-4 Baby’s In Black
6-5 Do You Want To Know A Secret?
6-6 That Means A Lot
6-7 You Won’t See Me
6-8 We Can Work It Out
6-9 I Need You
6-10 In My Life
6-11 A Day In The Life
6-12 The Fool On The Hill
6-13 Baby, You’re A Rich Man
6-14 Revolution
6-15 For You Blue
6-16 Free As A Bird
6-17 I Dig Love
6-18 Hi Hi Hi
6-19 Instant Karma
6-20 Helen Wheels
6-21 Art Of Dying
6-22 Whatever Gets You Through The Night
6-23 Nineteen Hundred And Eighty-Five

7-1 Intro
7-2 Rock And Roll Birthday
7-3 Drive My What You’re Doing Car
7-4 Good Day Sunshine Wacky
7-5 Yellow Submarine
7-6 You’re A Lonely Hearts Club Band
7-7 Fixing To Get Better
7-8 Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite
7-9 Carnival Of Lights
7-10 Sgt. Now
7-11 Revolution
7-12 Across The Universe
7-13 Revolution 1 (Ultimate Mix)
7-14 I Wanna Be Mr. Man
7-15 Let Imagine Be
7-16 Beware Of Darkness
7-17 Take Me To That Place (Each Saturday Night)
7-18 Women
7-19 Gone Are Tomorrow’s Days
7-20 Lennon Recollections
7-21 The Very Thought Of You

DVD1 Together For Love 2007

DVD2 The Beatles Explosion

BEATLES BOX SET 7xCD+2xDVD Laugh - Tuned To A Natural E - The Birth Of Love

€149.90 Regular Price
€99.90Sale Price
  • Label: BFB – BFB 58
    Format: 7 x CD, Album, Compilation, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition, Numbered
    2 x DVD, DVD-Video, NTSC, Compilation, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition, Numbered
    Country: Europe
    Released: 2009

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